Still looking for a cruiser... FJ40, Bj40 BUILT 16K on hand...

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United States
I want a built B/FJ40, would prefer a 3b diesel cruiser... Let me know what you got.
Absolutely NO RUST
Left hand drive
if diesel I would prefer the 3b

Maybe, just maybe i'll find one..

i got one for sell and with the asking price that still leaves you alot of money to play around with this fj40.
Hey Josh

We just spoke on the phone and I thought I would simply post a link to my vehicle here to make it easier. Good luck with your search, Jim

I am posting a couple of pictures as well.

1981 FJ-40 Toyota landcruiser
6 March 2008 002.jpg
6 March 2008 003.jpg
6 March 2008 009.jpg
Hey Josh...

:)It's still here....ready to roll!

PS I would be easier to put a diesel it this one than to convert one from Left Hand Drive.

You could then sell the gas engine if you wanted...

Just a thought.:)

biggermanj- thanks I am very much keeping yours in mind!


meaty meats.jpg

37K original... Interested? zero rust... looks like time itself stopped.
meaty meats.jpg

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