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Jun 29, 2012
Greetings all,

Can anyone point me in the direction of a stereo wiring guide for my 2000 LC? I've been searching all through the forum, as well as on Google, and have yet to find what I need.

I came across this link but still couldn't figure out how to match the wires up with my new Alpine CDE-121 Receiver.

Any help would be greatly appreciated..



select your vehicle and pretend to buy your stereo by adding it to cart,

they seem to offer 4 add on peices for your 2000: din pocket, main harness adaptor, amp bypass, and instructions!!!

you may need preamp outputs on your stereo
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Well, like an idiot I dove right into this without fully understanding what hardware I would need and clipped the female connector off of the wiring in the LC do I'm now forced to match up the old wires with the new harness which came with the stereo. No fun. I might try calling Crutchfield to see if they can help but I figured there had to be others on this board who had gone through this before or could hook me up with the diagram. I really don't want to have to pay Best Buy to finish this install.

stock stuff

I wouldn't fret... the stock stereo kit is all mediocre... I'm ready to go with my head unit only to new speakers

check this out.. it may be for a 99
Car Audio Wire Diagram Codes Toyota - Factory Car Stereo Repair - Bose Stereo, Speaker / Amplifier Repair
note how it says not to cut the harness :eek:

I'll see if I can find you the harness pinout / schematic for the stereo

if you pm me your email I can likely get you some pinout and drawings for a 2004 ... i think its the same as a 2000?
do you have the factory nav unit?
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Here ya go, from the 2000 EWD...


  • Radio.pdf
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Thanks mint. I've been using that diagram as a guide and do far I've got power but can't get any sound. For some reason I'm not getting the new head unit speaker wires matched up with the old wires.

Nope, no nav unit. Just the stock 6 disk changer.
It sounds like you are retaining the factory amplifier? If so, you need to hook up the amplifier turn on wire. Just a thought, maybe you bave this done already Usually blue or blue/white coming out of aftermarket radio.

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