Steering Wheel binds during steering

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Jun 9, 2014
04 TLC w/33" TOYOs, 144k miles
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Occasionally after a full steer my steering wheel binds (hard wheel, then frees) when wheel straightens out. It usually won't do this on command, but happens while backing into or pulling out of a parking spot. I understand the larger tire adds strain and may bind at full steer, but this is different the just a full crank. Sometimes happens at a random time while wheels are straight. Larger tres have been on vehicle for 10k miles. 1st owner kept vehicle stock for 130k miles and original rack still in play.

I suspect I will need a new rack (will upgrade to the good bushings/mounts recommended on the forum) although I do not have any leaks at this time. The fluid wasn't great, so I flushed system to give it optimal chances. However, the same problem persists. I have read threads, but haven't seen complaints or reports of steering binding. It appears replacing rack is typical maintenance, but wondering it the binding is a typical symptom of rack needing replacement. Thanks in advance for your input.

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