Steering Problem

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Jul 1, 2011
My 91LC 3FE is having a steering problem. Came on all of a sudden when I got on the highway. If I steer to the left the wheel operates normally but if I steer to the right I get a 1/3 of a turn before the wheels react. I just did a complete axle/knuckle rebuild while replacing the third member seal and didn't see anything visibly wrong with the steering linkage. This problem started before the rebuild. Do I just need an alignment? Thanks for your help.

I had the same issue and discovered 3 of the 4 studs had come out or broken off and the last one was 1/8" of the way already out and was less than finger tight.

If that is OK, then check in the following order:
1) Did you tighten your tie rod ends back into the steering arms when you were done?
2) Tie rod ends on the main tie rod behind the axle
3) TRE on the steering link between the steering gear and the RF steering arm
4) steering arm is attached and tight to the steering gear.
5) drag link is not worn out (panhard bar) on the bushing end
6) steering gear that the shaft moves when the wheel is turned.

It is easiest and fastest if you have someone sit in the truck and steer it left/right while you lay under the from and place a hand on each joint to see if it is moving. Do it with the truck running but don't stick your hands up into the engine compartment.
When I did the rebuild of the axle I made sure to pull those 4 studs on each side and locktight them back in. My brother had a problem with the studs coming out and it destroys the knuckle bearings. Everything with the axle is solid. I laid under the truck and had my wife turn the wheel back and forth, everything seams good. Nothing looks loose. I could see that the rod going into the steering box was turning maybe a half turn before the steering arms reacted. Could it be the steering box?
Also, this problem started the day before my axle rebuild and is exactly the same now that the rebuild is finished. The axle rebuild just grew out of a third member seal leaking.
Thanks for the help, I'm gonna go down your list again and double check I didn't miss something.
Kinda weird cause I had a very similar case (yes, I know everybody says that but honestly, I'm pretty certain we all have similar stuff that happens to our rigs). Mine had been happening for some months now and I was doing some research here and found out that you can adjust the steering gear housing. Might want to give that a try too. Took all of 20 min. Did that last night while I was replacing my GF's registration sticker out in the garage. As soon as I did that, there was a huge difference, night and day difference. May be worth checking it out. Not saying it will work for sure but no harm in taking a few min to do before spending mucho dinero.
Also check the bolts that hold the gearbox to the frame to make sure that it is no loose or that the frame is cracked.

If the input shaft is turning 1/2 turn before the output shaft moves, it is a preload issue. I have not rebuilt one, but I would look for a used or reman one. Also check to make sure that the output shaft is not moving INSIDE the pitman arm before the pitman arm moves, in the event that the splines on the pitman arm are stripped due to a loose nut.

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