Steering column squeak

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Nov 19, 2006
Whenever I'm turning the steering wheel a lot and not moving much -- like when doning a three point turn to turn around at a dead end, I hear a kink of a metal on metal squeak for rubbing that I think is coming from the steering column.

I wonder if this really the source or is it further down in the driveline somewhere and the sound is coming up through the floor boards? I have 180K on the rig and no real service history so I don't know what if any proper maintenance has been done.

My local indie did find the front wheel bearing loose so he tightened them but so far that has not made a difference for this.
No responses thus far. I think I found a problem unique to my 80.

I listened again today when turning the wheel while backing in the trailer. It really sounds like a metal on metal rubbing sound coming from the steering column. I have 180K on the clock and I wonder if it's time to rebuild the steering column? I know there are places that exchange rebuilt steering columns for popular American cars. What about an 80? Anybody rebuilding steering columns out there?
Also, be sure to check the steering shaft as it exits the firewall into the engine compartment. The gasket may be trashed, and if the column is near metal-to-metal contact, with the older bearings/joints we have, it allows the steering shaft to rub on the metal body.

I learned this here on mud - can't take credit... helped mine!
I like to suggest the simplest things. Mine was squeaking and it turned out to be the back of the steering wheel rubbing the plastic around the column. Spray some silicon lube between the wheel and column plastic and see if it goes away.

Search is your friend. Remember to post the year of your LC in your post, as i believe that makes a difference in this case.

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