Standard Horizon (Yaesu) programming software problems (1 Viewer)

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Aug 22, 2010
Jersey, 07740-Maryland, Harm City
I bought a standard horizon hx890 portable radio for my boat and the radio has the ability to be programmed with a computer. ive tried downloading the program software from the company website several times and the radio wont connect i just get a timeout message when i try to read from the radio. the software was downloaded and extracted from the zip file as per the instructions on the site and still no good. ive tried different usb cables thinking that it was a cable issue and that wasnt it. Welcome to software was downloaded from here and im not really sure what else to try, anyone with experience working with standard horizon or yaesu some guidance would be appreciated.
I've always found it to be quite a chore to make sure I have the correct USB driver software installed on my computer (and any old versions removed...) in order to program my radios.
Disclaimer - I'm on a Mac, and I've only ever used CHIRP to program my HAM radios (including the Yaesu), I'm not familiar with the radio you have.
its their high end handheld and it has a built in gps so you can navigate with it and when theres a mmsi number you can send out a distress call and itll give a gps coordinates. unfortuantly the instructions for the software to connect to the computer theres not any sort of trouble shooting guide. my software on the radio should be up to date as the last update was from early this year and i bought the radio maybe a month ago. i just want to be able to connect it to the computer to add waypoints and download my track logs.
i did a search on my c drive using a key word search and as far as i can tell i deleted the software so any redownloading and reinstalling should be like a fresh download. i havent tried looking for any alternate drivers yet but i dont know how many there will be out there as i would suspect to have a little less support for a marine radio vs. a ham or similar radio. i dont know if its compatible with chirp but i may have to try that at a later date

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