Spring Creek on the 12th?

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Aug 17, 2004
I am looking good for this run - would love to get out on a great ride and meet everybody. So...is this one still on, and where is the meeting spot (Downiesville Starbucks?).

Weather is supposed to be perfect, I am dying to get in a good trip! Pics from last year on Spring Creek :D
Spring Creek First.JPG
Spring Creek Rock Garden.JPG
Spring Creek TJ Stuck.JPG
I hope to make this run if it is still on. I will be taking my stock 80 on it with. the real only mod that I have done to is put on SROR sliders:cool: oh and tires and a t-case skid plate
hey guys, im not sure who the trail leader is on this one.. Ill shoot an e-mail out..
Id like to go, but my truck has been running like crap, so im unsure at this point..

The meeting place should be at the North Academy McDonald's in CS Meet at 7:30 Leave at 8:00.. But you Denver guys will need to meet us somewhere elce.. Starbucks is fine, or the trail head Ive never run this one, but it sounds like a good 45 min from Denver.. That puts us in downiesville at about 10:00 AM

Please check this thread on Friday for any changes in plans..
I'm comfortable leading if we don't have anybody who has run Spring Creek before, although since I'm not a member you may not be comfortable with that :D . I'm familiar with the trail and can definitely help out in any case.

For those thinking about this trail who haven't run it, most of the main obstacles have bypasses, but even the bypass on some sections is pretty rough now, especially that obstacle before the rock garden that just used to be a switchback and the bypass to the rock garden is an obstacle unto itself. Great trail that you can run and still be home for dinner (assuming no major carnage of course).

In terms of difficulty, Spring Creek isn't nonstop in the way that say Old Chinamans is - the overall mandatory stuff is probably a bit more technical but the trail in total is easier because there is just less of it. The optional stuff in the rock garden will challenge highly modified rigs.

Downieville is just a pit stop for the most part, so either Starbucks or the Conoco would work as a pre-trail stop since many of us will want to hit both before the trail and it's under a mile to the trailhead from town.
I'm up for Spring Creek assuming I don't have to work. I'll know for sure tomorrow.

Trail leader? We don't need no stinking trail leader, but if you want, you can follow me...:flipoff2:
On Colorado4x4 they are saying that Spring Creek won't be passable due to snow levels until early June...anybody been up there or heard otherwise? That trail sucks in the snow in a big way. Snow, ledge roads, and major obstacles are a bad mix, plus we will tear it up if it's wet even if passable, and I know that trail is under some pressure to close due to erosion.

Any alternatives or shall I condemn myself to a weekend of yard work?

Old Chinaman's since the first one in April was a rain/snow out?
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Hmm.. Im not sure what to say on this one.. i sent out an e-mail to raise some intrest.. here is the cross post on RS


Nay, are you up for Bill Moore/Red Elephant, and do you know the trail? Id hate to drive all the way up there to get 10 minutes in on the trail and be in snow drifts..

cross post on Colo4x4 http://www.colorado4x4.org/vbb/showthread.php?t=95658

I'm not thinking any of that stuff is open to make it a reasonable bet, and I don't know either of those trails - probably Old Chinaman's is gonna be the only real good bet, and I'd say both it and the lefthand canyon areas are going to be packed by hordes of guys who have cabin fever :D

I'm thinking that just pushing for a few weeks until more trails are open is the gig, so I'm gonna bag out. I don't get a lot of open weekends to take a good trip, so want to really make 'em count. Thanks for running it down, we'll do it soon. RS does Spring Creek on Father's Day, and that is sounding like a good timeframe right now :cheers:
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so this run is no go. Anyone else doing any other runs that I can tag along with. if so give me a call

im not going to make this one.. Truck just is not running good enughf,

Tim it sounds like you are the only one. Sorry bro.. Maybe somone elce wants to go to another spot

O-well, I have to work tomorrow anyway. I think I may go on Sunday instead. If anyone wants to meet up, let me know...
Just an update. There was a small snow drift blocking the trail. We had to turn around and head back down. I'd never driven down the little sleuce before, It was interesting. I laid the 4Runner on it's side but kept driving and somehow managed to get her back on all fours. Got the heart pumping for a second or two...:eek:

Good times!!!:grinpimp:

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