Split rims / tall skinnies

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Jul 17, 2008
Marfa, Texas
So I have been fooling around with split rims for a year or so now, running them on my '80 long bed. Partly I dig the old school LC thing and partly I like the ability to mount tires myself and patch easily in the field. Just got a brand new set of Power Kings off of an imported truck. Almost too big for the truck but almost too badass to take off. I'm posting some picks, mostly as porn, but feel free to weigh in.
I really dig that look, man. funny, not many do - most go for the wider look. I like this retroey, Army Jeep look. I was actually trying to source some of those old Army Jeep tires for a while.

anyway, looks cool. how's it ride with the narrow tires on it? do they 'catch' or grab in turns and stuff?
She drives just like she always did. Can feel a little extra weight but doesn't catch or jerk around. Tracks straight and doesn't make as much noise on the road as you think it would. Can hear a hum at mid-speed for sure but the truck is like taxiing a Cessna for takeoff at highway speed anyway so no real difference there!

I'm pretty psyched about them really. My transfercase is in need if a little work so I haven't gotten them too stretched out off road, but soon! I'll give a full report and pics. Thanks for the thumbs up!
If you are looking for new tires along those lines, here are some of the places I was looking:



Mine are Power King Premium Traction 10 ply bias tubeless, but running tubes on the split rims.

I was actually looking for Power King Super Traction which is pretty close to those Deestone d503's. But, I got a pretty good deal on these, with the rims included... So now I have two full sets of (5) split rims. Five are Dunlop Aftermarket and five are factory Toyota. Kinda up to my ears!
Looks good! What size are they? Thinking of going the tall/ skinny route with my LC so I can go tall while keeping my skinny factory rims, something like a 34 x9.50/15 from super swamper. How do the tires ride being bias ply? How long does it sit before getting the "flat spots"? I know, a lot of questions, as I have no experience with bias ply, and the super swampers are.
The tires ride just fine. I had often heard that bias ply tires were vague on the road but these track straight and true. They are pretty heavy duty 10ply, load range E tires so they are quite stiff. They are rated for 80psi but that rattles my arse to bits so I keep them around 40.

You may find the swamped feel differently since they are large balloon type tires. I don't have any experience with those, but I can say these are working pretty well so far. Can definitely feel the added weight, but still within reason
I have 255/85R16s on my Troopie, I dig the tall skinny look:cheers:

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