Spector comfort ride springs

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Oct 22, 2003
Juneau, AK
Anyone have experience with these lift springs? Spector says they give 1-2 inches of lift, and work best with their Extreme 1" shackles which I'm already running on my stock springs.
In Oct., 2004 I got the Specter 1.5" to 2" "comfort ride" springs put on my '87 60, using the stock shackles. The quality of the springs is fully acceptable in that they haven't sagged, warped, failed, or catastrophically failed in 1.5 years so far. They don't however have separate designated driver's side/non-driver's side for the rear, so the driver's side rear of the truck hung about .5" lower that the pass side from the time they were installed. Absolutely un-percievable when driving the truck, however. I swapped the two rear springs side to side just to make sure...same height difference, same side of truck; so, the springs weren't "defective". A minor disappointment. They're a bit bouncy with the vehicle unloaded, and ride smoother with more weight in the truck. From what I've read here, if I had the money, I'd just get the OME, which seem[usually] not to have the driver's side sag issue. My 3 cents. Cheers.

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