Speakers blown? or a short in my wireing?

Apr 21, 2010
Behind the Zion Curtain
So i just got my 60' back from about a 1.5 year seperation. whe i left it the radio worked. when i got it back there was no sound at all coming thru. I took the whole thing out starting with each speaker. after a while useing process of elimination i discovered that my right back speaker cord when attached was shorting out the system and thus making no sound. i removed it and spliced all the wires back very carfully. no when i turn my system on i get alot of static/feed back. enough to rather hear my u joints slip than music. Are my speakers blown? what does blown speakers sound like? is there a short in the system? if it helps. a few weeks later i found that my rigth speaker wire was detached and connected to my tailgate... thus the short......

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