Spare tire? on M416 - do I need one?

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Oct 27, 2004
The 416 I just bought has new NDTs - load D. I can't find a spare wheel to save my life. May try local wrecking yards for an older jeep tire.

Question: how many of you have actually had a flat tire with your military trailer? I'm due for a 1400 mile trip (michigan to somewhere north in Canada and back). I'd like a spare, but statistically speaking, I may gamble without.

I know I will probably get blasted for this, but I think my M416 has the original 1966 tires on it. I keep checking the air and they don't loose a pound, ever! There are some cracks on the tires so I did get a spare wheel and tire online through ebay. However, it looks the same as the two that are on there. I just got back from a 600 mile roundtrip without any problems. I know it is just a matter of time and I am trying to find some wheels that I can swap onto them. Most of the ones I come across don't have a big enough center hole.
I need a new tube for one of the wheels on my M416. The valve stem has weather cracked and it is losing air slowly. So, I would suggest getting a spare. I have heard that Ford truck rims have the same lug pattern and a large enough center hole.
I put Ford rims on my M100. Fit perfect, but a little tall with 31" Swampers. Need to springover now. Got three original(?) rims and whatever tires available.
I run the same tires and wheels on my M416 as my JF Cruiser. This way I can use the FJ spare on the trailer and I have 3 spares for the FJ.

me too!

not really sure if you question was really answered or not.. yes you need a spare .. im sure the laws vary from state to state.. and country for that matter .. here in ontario it is the law ., you must have a spare ,, my way around it , like the others is to match the wheels to the tow vehicle ...technicaly i think i could still get nailed.. hope not
It's better to have a spare and not need it, than to need a spare and not have it.
Kinda like a handgun :grinpimp:
swap the drums to a 6 bolt, and run same sized tires as the tow rig. the oem michelins military tires on my M101 look pretty tough, but you never know what can happen. if youre gonna run without, at least have a plug kit and portable air, or one of those fix-a-flat in a can deals.

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