spacers or springs?

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Aug 31, 2007
louisville ky
just wanting to know what the pros and cons of using lift spacers on the front instead of going with springs. i used spacers above the coil to keep from compressing the spring just wanting to know what long term affect thse may have on ball joints ect. already benn looking at toytec springs and swaping out when have enough money.
not sure of the facts...just always heard that spacers can move or work themselves out and springs are better option. I have the ToyTeck lift with OME springs on all four corners but used my stock struts and shocks to save a little money. They put a small billet spacer at tope of strut to help level it out and give a full 3" in front as well as back...but that is different than pure spring spacers.

I would go with the ToyTec (or some other brand) coil over springs up front and coil springs in rear...and upgrade your struts and shocks in a year or two when you have more money but get benefit of lift and clearance now. ToyTec told me the stock shocks in rear will just limit my wheel articulation a couple inches due to their shorter length...but would not hurt anything. So far so good on my setup....I used the money I saved to get some BudBuilt Rock Sliders.
Spacer Lift

I'm running the Daystar 2.5" spacer lift, front and rear. I have over 40K miles on my rig in 2 years and a lot of AZ wheeling. No problems so far. The Toyota shocks in the front are just now starting to feel a little on the spongy side. Not bad for what this trucks been through so far. The lift cost me $140, installed it myself, and the intent was to just get some bigger tires on it to figure out the wheeling characteristics of the rig. Then I was going to upgrade based on my needs. It also allowed manufactures to come out with more options since the truck was new to the market. But I haven't felt the need to change it yet. I heard a lot of bad rap about spacers lifts before I did it. Don't believe what you hear. I have no regrets.
I have the Truxx 3" spacer kit with diff drop . paid 240.00 dollars The rear spacer is steel and it bolts in. I have only 500 miles on it . About 200 of the miles are off road. I cant see any future problems. But with new springs you can change the spring rates.
If adding weight Springs are the way to go due to the progressiveness of springs a heavy spring will carry the weight better. Yes a spacer will create the look and clearance required if no weight is added, but the function is reduced due to spring compression with a winch and bumper.

Tomorrow I will be installing the OME heavy's all the way around I have the front Warn bumper and the 9.5ti. I will be adding the Warn rear and a RTT eventually.
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If you are going to wheel and add weight get a full coilover suspension. Umm... Are you sure you're putting 886 all the way around? The heavy rear springs are the 896. 886 is the heavy front coil.
no i will keep the med in the back like the ride. would like the med up front down the road.

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