SOLD Southern Pines, NC: 1995 Land Rover Discovery Tdi

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United States

For Sale, 1995 Land Rover Discovery Tdi, ~153k miles on chassis and counting (I drive it one day a week).

Asking $7500

New (rebuilt) drivetrain (radiator to transfer case) installed in 2014--300Tdi engine, R380 5-speed manual transmission, and LT230 transfer case (1:1.2 ratio, which is "right" for Tdi Discos). This era of Disco (unlike Disco II) had a drivetrain almost identical to the Defenders, with a great number of shared parts.

Drivetrain has ~31k on it since rebuild/install . Truck was a TX truck until 2013--since then it's lived in PA for 5 months (one spring--didn't drive it on salty roads), NoVA (didn't drive it on salty roads), and NC, and I've treated it with Fluid Film twice. It's not completely rust-free, but it is very, very rust-free compared to many discos of this vintage. Frame is about 99/100 or even better. Only rust I have found at all is on the floors where water leaks collected under the carpet--this was just surface rust that I ground off and primed. And in the L/F wheel well area where I suspect brake fluid has gotten spilled and removed the paint.

Truck runs perfectly and gets 20mpg pretty much no matter how you drive it--around town or highway trips at 75mph. A/C works, but works about like you'd expect A/C designed in England to work. Engine is a marvel--I cannot tell you how fun it is to chuff around Uwharrie at 1200 rpms and just go up everything. Only selling because the family has expanded to a point at which this truck is just too small to accommodate our Clampett-family camping style. And so I bought a 100 series.

Like many Discos (and Land Rovers in general) this one has a small rain leak; this one's at the passenger side A pillar--I don't garage it, and we're talking half a teaspoon after several days of rain. Paint is TIRED, headliner is saggy, gutter could use re-caulking. But it's a phenomenal runner, and a super-fun truck off road.

I can utterly overwhelm you with features, mods, maintenance information, what's been replaced, etc, but won't do so here. Please PM me if you'd like details. Winch (Warn XD9500i), roof rack (Safety Devices high rack), assorted trail spares, and a spare 30k mile R380 transmission (which is set up for a Tdi Defender, and would need linkage swapped to be used as a replacement for this truck) are all included.

Some pics below, but more here: 1995 Discovery





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Sweet rig!! I had a '96 Disco, but hated it since it had the standard US drivetrain (V8 and auto trans)with obvious overheating issues/three amigos and all the other electrical gremlins British cars face. With that said, it had the best windshield vantage point of any SUV I've ever owned. It was also a beast in the rocks and I only had a 3" Ironman lift on it.

Gahhh why am I always on the wrong coast lol! GLWS!

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