Southern Off-Road Adventure Rally March 7 & 8

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Jan 21, 2015
primitive camping only? with no fires, no coolers = we have to eat their grub (breakfast -dinner) no showers, no bath rooms, (porto- potties only). mehh.. sounds like a day trip
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Dear Super40, Good morning! In response to your concerns, we are having a huge Bon Fire, there are plenty of clean Porta-potties and even bathrooms. Furthermore there will be a shower house with free hot showers. Primitive camping is a term that means no hook ups. Bring your RV and we have parking and a dump station. The food is outstanding, however, you can bring your own food and if camping bring a cooler. I have spent several nights at the event sight and it's beautiful, the food is excellent, I'm a female (wife) and have a great time every year! Obviously you have not been to Southern Off-Road Adventure Rally in the past nor Jeeptoberfest! You're also welcome to make reservations at the Hampton Inn located only 5.8 miles from the event at the intersection of 484 and I75. Looking forward to seeing FJ Cruisers participate on three levels of obstacle courses. Like us on facebook at southern off road adventure rally.
Last one I went to (Jeeptoberfest 2012) the event staff refused to let my "76" FJ40 participate because it is a Toyota said this is a Jeep only event . Not that I was really looking forward to sitting for hours in a long line waiting to drive on a man made course anyway . I thought it would pretty neat to show the crowd what a Toyota could do with very little modification . I think what Super40 was getting at is when most people camp out they have a campfire beside their camp site . As far as port-potties what I seen in the past they are not so clean because of the people who use them have no concern for the person that is going to need it next . The food my be good (or excellent in your terms) but here again I think Super40 was meaning he would rather have the option of preparing his on food while sitting around his on campfire at his on campsite instead of buying over priced what ever that someone else has cooked . I would be willing to bet most people who camp and /or RV use some form of a cooler so that goes with out saying . Not sure what you meant by "if camping bring a cooler" , when I camp out I have 2 coolers one with food and one with drinks . I hope y'all have a safe and good time at the "Rally" and when your done come on up to TN and we'll go on some real wheelin .

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