South town trail...

Jan 18, 2006
Reno, Nevada
Sooo, I went for a hike with the dog yesterday and found a SELDOM traveled trail that I hiked (what I thought) was about half of. I thought it was a LOOP, but...
A friend of mine and I went and explored it this AM. It turned out to be a fun little trail (barring the OFF CAMBER entrance...:eek:). We ended up running up this canyon that was kinda fun and came out to a steep grade. There were a fair amount of little boulders along MOST of it that kept me on my toes. We ended up turning around at the top of the grade, cuz I was on call and we were getting a ways back.
I suspect that it links up with the main trail that runs Lockwood to VC somewhere.
Its BEHIND the quarry over by Rattle Snake Mt.

It was fun, just thought Id share.

Might have to go back and find out WHERE exactly it goes...

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