source for chromo?

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Mar 14, 2002
Mooresville, NC
My local steel shop is high. They want $300 for 14' of tube.

Specs are 2" od / .120 wall 4130 chromo (or equivalent)

I only need about 6', but I will measure tonight.

I have to make the front torsion beam, and chromo is supposed to be the weapon of choice.
NO worries. I need exactly 6' of 2"od .120 wall.

Any reason why I can't use DOM? The car will be super light, aside from my fat ass in it. I can't imagine it NEEDS to be chromo, it was just what was recommended.
Steel place had nothing on the floor but can get a 14' piece in 3 to 4 days for $175.75
They won't cut it as they don't want to have a 8' piece sitting forever.
I don't know if it's 4130, but I'll call today and ask. Going to Wallys next Saturday and can drop it there if you want.
my local steel shop quoted me $300 for the same size piece.

Any thoughts on using regular DOM instead?
I have no idea, honestly, how those suspensions even work. I'd think that the suspension is not something to cheap out on. Want me to price out the same thing in DOM?
pretty cool design, actually.

Twin beams, 2.0 in diameter, with 5 leaf torsion packs in them. At the ends are king/link pins and a spindle mount setup. Decent travel stock, and pretty strong.

thanks for the links.

I posted this on a race board, and the aftermarket beams are just mild steel. I am guessing DOM will work, but let me check before youprice out more tube.

all of the replies are appreciated.
I have to purchase some metal for a new railing on our deck. I suspect I'll be into it for shipping and might be able to slip a 6 foot section in there. Is a six footer needed, or two 3 foots?
Poly Performance has some cheap Chromo tube....not at 2 inches, but I wonder if they can get it.
online metals...6 foot section....4130 2 inch OD, x .120 wall.....$86 shipped.
if we still have it in the fund, then I say we get it. We need two 3' lengths.

Not that we need it for the beam, but wildman is hooking us up with a bender on loan for the beam supports and the like.

:beer: for the hippy.

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