Some new Side Steps, for my BJ73.

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G'Day Fella's,

Since installing these side steps, I got to thinking about where to mount my Hi Lift Jack (HLJ)?
After a few rear bumper and spare wheel options were discounted, I designed and then made up an extension to the LHS side step.
I have always liked the position, that HLJ's were mounted on 40 series TLC's, so I went with this removable option (on the LHS front, of the side step).




With the bottom mount sorted, I also needed a top mount location.........

To be continued, shortly.
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This took a bit of time but I eventually went with this (less than appealing looking) option.




This included a Rattle Free security and operating handle retainer (now with a 1/2" Dia, Pad Lock hole in it)

Initially, I thought that the HLJ stuck out to far but the LHS mirror (when it's there), protrudes further...... so.

I hope that helps

Now to designing a Chassis/Side Step mounted, front Roof Rack mount..........................

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G'Day Fella's,

Since doing the initial build on this HLJ mount bracket, I got to thinking, as I wasn't really happy with it.
Also, a couple of mates had asked, if the Police had told me to address this (as a pedestrian hazard).
So being a pro-active kinda bloke, I had a think and did a Cut and Shunt on the top bracket.

Here's a Front on view of it after wards.

along with a Overhead view.

You can see that I have shortened the horizontal portion of it.
I also welded on and drilled and tapped (M8 x 3) the unseen extension portion of the bracket, so I can affix it, when it's required.

Hope that helps

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looks pretty good mate, I have mine mounted on the roof rack but having it mounted lower is probably easier for lifting into place etc.

I would agree with your mates the police might not look kindly on the piece of angle sticking out the side of the car.
Thanks 350HJ75.
Apparently the Plods, have no sense of humor, regarding these kinda things.


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