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Jun 15, 2004
Medway, MA
Do any of you know of or use SolidWorks 3D software for anything related to off-roading?

I work for SolidWorks and every year we come up with a project for our annual conference. In past years we've had a chopper made by Orange County (They use our product for a variety of things in their build process) and last year we built a kit-car Cobra from Factory Five Racing. Nothing has been proposed for our 2008 conference so I thought it would be cool if there was something related to off-roading that I could propose as a project.

I've looked through our customer base for some of the manufacturers and haven't had any luck yet. Bud, any chance you're using SolidWorks?

Ideally I would love to see an off road truck built/modified with parts designed or manufactured with SolidWorks.

Thanks all. Happy Spring!

Ian Winston

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