SOLD [SoCal] - 40 Series h55 5 Speed Mouting Set - Complete

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Aug 14, 2006
Oceanside, CA
United States
I’m cleaning out the garage and getting rid of all stuff I no longer need for my current stable of trucks.

Please be sure to Post that you are PMing and what you are asking about… I will go by replies to the post for dibs and not PMs. I just want to make sure I give first stab to the right people.

For those wanting to mount the H55 tranny into a 40 this comes with everything you need.

Both L brackets, cross-member, and isolator in great shape. I also have a second set of the L brackets if you want to build your own cross-member.

$400 plus shipping.
$150 for the L bracket set plus shipping.

2020-09-19 11.38.25.jpg
@FJ40GURU Do you know what the difference is? I know sometimes you have to massage the frame side to provide bracing and holes, but is there something else that differs?
This set came off of a BJ44 MWB so that puts it right in the middle! I can take measurements if needed to confirm before sale/shipment
Here’s a set I have, removed from a 47 LWB.
Do you have a photo of the other side of the brackets? We can both measure the dimensions and see if there are any differences.

So I think I see the difference...

Here is a pic of my side bracket... Yours looks slanted back a bit to move the bracket a little further off center. Mine seem centered on the vertical. I assume this is make a little more room for the H engine versus the B. Both sets of my L brackets are the same and both come from B engine rigs. This should not be an issue for those upgrading their rigs as they will need to create the bolt holes in their frame, but it is good to know for those replacing brackets that were original to the rig...

2020-09-22 15.30.20.jpg
Sold. Shipping out today...

I still have a set of the L brackets for sale

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