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Apr 2, 2009
I welded on new spring perches on a 3500 pound axle to put under my M416 project. I got some U-bolts made up, and they appear to be a little small at the bend. Attached is a picture. I haven't torqued them down yet, but I suspect I may have to get new u-bolts a little wider. Is it normal to have any spacing between the axle and the center of the bend on the u-bolt? See attached picture...

Some spacing is ok, but probally not that much. When you tighten them down, it is suppossed to be a good close fit, but it looks like that setup would take a whole lot of torque to set properly. Many people also recommend not re-using the u-bolts, they do stretch and lose strength.
Uhhh, look at that spring pack!! wow! how much weight are you carrying?
Those look to be the stock M416 spring packs.

I agree with lx450, pick some up from the hardware store for your diameter axle tube. It seems the u-bolts that were made for you weren't for your diameter axle tube.
Correct, they are the stock m416 springs, although they are new from omix-ada. the old ones were pretty much shot as it appeared the airforce had been using the trailer to haul heavy loads.

Thanks for the advise, I am going to replace. What a PITA.
I'm sorry to hear about the problems, u-bolts can be easily purchased and cheep. On a different note, what were the axle measurments that you used? What are your plans for the trailer?

I'm currently rebuilding my trailer and plan to convert to a SOA, with brakes. My hopes were to match my FJ40's track using 33/12.50/15 on a 10 inch wheel with 3.5 back space.
What am I missing here? Are those loose or already tight? If loose I'd just tighten them and see how they look then.

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