SOA lift for the May long weekend

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EBI Cruisers
Apr 29, 2002
Port Coquitlam, BC
years worth of talking about, a few days worth of prepping the diffs, and one long evening after work and it's almost done

Karl stuck around after work and gave me a hand bolting in the pre built axles.
We starting at 5:05pm and left at 2:00am. It's not quite finished but I want to let the springs settle a bit before measuring for shocks and swaybars.

Thanks again Karl for putting in a long night!
62 before.jpg
62 half way done.jpg
62 almost done.jpg
Must be nice to have a closed in shop, lots of parts to choose from and a monkey to help....yes I am jealous :flipoff2:. Look forward to seeing it finished. What other goodies are you sticking on it?
Are the 80 diffs for sale now? - Dibs.:D
congrats boss, Its only been 6 years of SOA talk in the making;p Your almost as cool as me now:D
about 9 hrs of work (and pizza eating) and it was on the ground. We were pretty tired before we even started but I wanted it done before the weekend.
We swapped out the leafs for a nice set of used wagon springs. The day after the swap, one of my customers brought in a set of HJ60 springs with less then 50,000kms on them. That sucked because they were better then the ones we put in. timing sucked

the diffs have 4.88's, ARB front, Detroit rear, hysteer, DOM tubes, MC heavy seals, and some other misc little items. We had the front axle built a while ago. A few days after the front axle was completed, our Chromo birfs showed up. Once again, timing sucked

I need to add sway bars (just because)
rear anti wrap bar
get an alignment
flex out the suspension to check for any possible issues before wheeling
find some dirt to play in

It was nice to work on something for myself for a change. I've been stuck out in the rain more then a few times doing minor repairs and fluid changes.

This SOA was done on the cheap, I've been stashing good used parts for myself for a while now. The CFO was on my ass about spending money on a second Cruiser that I didn't need. The CFO (wife) is okay with what I've spent so far so I must be doing an okay job. The CFO doesn't mind what I spend on my 40 so I don't want to push my luck.

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