Soa Fj + 33x12.5 ?

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33s are too small for a SOA rig. 35s are better by a shot, I have 33s on mine with a 1in body lift and 1in shackle lift.If I ever did a SO I think I could almost clear 36s.

Scroll through the 60-series registry and look at pics. Lots of 35s on SOAs...
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Stock springs done Spring over will get you like 5in of lift. 35s are needed.

Even if you do 33s you might want to regear. I ran 33s and my stock 3.70s for a while. On road it was fine, but steep hills and technical sections of trails killed me. I went with 4.56s thinking that they will be ok with 35s so when I decide what method I am going to clear 35s, I will already have the gears.

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