MUDShip Small Canoe from Iowa to SAS#3 in Ouray CO?

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Jan 25, 2013
NW Valley Phoenix Arizona
United States
If anyone is heading to Ouray first week of August for Solid Axle Summit #3, READ ON ... wondered if anybody might be able to help me with some Mudship if they're coming from the Iowa area. another Mud Member has a small canoe he'd like to get out to me. I'm in AZ but of course will be in Ouray for SAS#3. It's a short 14-ft model and very light might hitch a ride on someone's car hauler they're using to get their rig out to Colorado. Anyone interested you can PM me. Of course I'd be ready to pay some shipping costs for the hitchhiking craft. PM me if that might work. Thanks in advance
BUMP any interest?
Bump any interest from the SAS guys? thanks ahead of time.
Bump any interest? I'll make it worth your while.

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