Smack down!!

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Dec 17, 2002
Bonham Tx.
Smack down!!
Tony and I have been in contact, and have decided "IT"S AWN"
he and I are not really sure whether PMC or LSLC is the largest TLCA group, so we have challenged each other, starting Jan 1 PMC vs. LSLC, wnner will be announced at Cruise Moab. We have set down rules etc. for counting "members"
and if LSLC wins, there will be an * since we are pitting 4 chapter clubs against one,

Should be fun...... :flipoff2:

Conflict is inevitable.....
Combat is optional....
hhhmmmm.....outta be a great competition!

IIRC, a number of years ago, WCLC was badged as the largest TLCA chapter....

can't wait to hear the updates from both clubs!!
This is truly and win-win-win scenario for LSLC, PMC and TLCA!

With my Presidents hat on, I will note that I am very excited from a membership aspect to see these two titans going at it for the title 'largest chapter in TLCA'.

Best of luck to each!
So what are the rules?

Not that Rice on the Rocks wants to be the biggest, just the most remembered! However Min ToyX4s may have that one wraped up.

BTW Chris and I have been thinking about how to become an official Those Guys! Last year we got a new one who quit his job to go to BHCC.
Rules, basically, Jan 1st, is a clean slate, we both have 0 members, at CM 02 the one with the most, paid, TLCA # included is the winner, for this contest, spouses and kids are not figured in unless they have a seperate TLCA # .

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