Slotted alum wheels: Sacramento area

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Mar 2, 2003
Chattanooga, TN
United States
Must be picked up in Sacramento area: Set of four 8" x 15", 6 lug slotted wheels, probably Alcoa, to fit Toyota 4WD. Came off my FJ40. Good condition - no rock scars, but do need a thorough cleaning and buffing. A few cap studs are broken off.
$50 for the set. Contact me offline.

Thanks, Maintz

Also have a set of chrome wheels & good tires off my FJ40 - half-trend, straight wheels with a little surface rust,... should clean up pretty good. Ran smooth at 65mph on my rig. An excellent value at $95. (email for scans)
they look more like the anson knockoffs that wagoneers used to run in the late 70's
Could very well be,... couldn't find any markings whatsoever.
I could ship them,... I do have some cardboard wheel boxes. Provide your shipping address, and I'll weigh them and advise you of shipping costs and you can decide if its worthwhile.
are they still for sale? never heard from you.
Do you still have your steel wheels/tires? We missed connecting last time I was down your way. I'm coming down again so let me know ASAP. Sorry, I lost your e-mail so I have no other way of contacting you.
They left for Colorado a couple of months ago. Sorry,.... thanks for checking in. Maintz

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