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Sep 10, 2005
Selling a set of 93-94 Slee Sliders for $650. I think that is a fair price since buying new they would be about a thousand after tax and shipping to CA.

They were purchased last year, and used once on a moderate trail at Moab. There are some small chips in the powdercoating and the bottoms both have a little bit of rock rub (they are sliders!). You do not see that except when you crawl under the vehicle. They are still in really good shape, no dents.

I am in Monterey, CA. I really don't want to ship them. When I bought them from Slee, I paid about $100 for truck freight from Denver to SLC. I had to drive 80 miles to SLC to pick them up at distribution center. They were shipped on a 6 foot long pallet.

Here are some pictures of the bottoms, the tops look fine, but I did not have enough space for the other pictures. I can email them to you.

Give me a call at 831-236-1829 or email me at

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