For Sale SLC, UT: 70 Series ARB Safari Snorkels - 1HZ, 2H/3F (1 Viewer)


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Oct 21, 2013
Cleaning out another storage unit and I have two ARB Safari Snorkels for sale. Both are brand new and in the box, I've opened them to confirm they are complete.

#1 - SS75R
This is a snorkel kit for a 70 series with a 2H or 3F engine - Price is $200.00 (Regular sales price is $327)

#2 - SS78RZ SOLD
This is a snorkel kit for a 70 series with a 1HZ - Price is $225.00 (Regular sales price is $327)

You can pickup locally or these can be shipped. The boxes are large so expect 40-60 USD for shipping within the lower 48 states. I'm not a shipping clerk, I don't do shipping quotes. If you want it, buyer pays actually shipping or you can arrange your own shipping.

Cash, credit, paypal, venmo accepted.

Pick is from the Safari Snorkel website.

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