Silly warn locking hub question...

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Jul 24, 2007
Sudbury Ontario Canada
Ok, my 60 has a d60 under it in the front and Ive noticed that when I run tight trails with lots of rock my hubs sometimes make contact (with rocks) and are getting the s*** scraped out of them. One of the trails we run in particular f's me every time in a spot where I have to hug a rock thats too big to go over to avoid sliding off of a steep dirt drop off on the other side of the trail. Every friggin time I try to avoid hitting the ds hub the ps starts t slide off the drop off.

The question is, does anyone make a sort of skid for front hubs? Something that slides over the whole hub and protects the locking hub?

Tried searching and found nothin so I figured Id post.

You should be able to get a drive slug which will be stronger than the locking hub and stick out less.
Something like this from Spidertrax: Drive Flange Kit

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