Parting Out Siezed '69 F-Motor in Central Florida

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Jan 11, 2012
United States
I have a F-Motor with older style I and E manifolds (likely a '67 but unsure--I could not edit title.) I also have the bell-housing for it as well as water pump, crank pulley and brackets (attached.) Bell H and flywheel has surface rust. $400 (can deliver within reasonable areas in Florida.) OEM 3 speed (with surface rust) all available for free with motor purchase.
Presumably oil-starved motor and seizure, but unsure exactly what component (maybe spun bearing? maybe worse...I have not cracked open the motor to see.) The motor has been in boxed crate for 4 yrs and has unknown mileage, but a rare F-motor that is clean (despite being seized.)

mating surface of bell H..jpg

outer face of flywheel for F-motor.jpg

3-speed EOM surface rust.jpg

Plucking out siezed motor.JPG

Seized Motor Pulled.JPG
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