sieben und dreisig

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Dec 7, 2004
Coronado, CA
sieben und dreisig (37's)

Well, 35's were cool for a while, but even they started looking small. I have always maintained a 4" tire height advantage over my bro-in-law, and since he finally got 33's under his 62, it was time for me to bump it up to 37's.
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Do you need to do any fender mods to get those 37's to work under articulation?

Aside from going SOA do you have a lift as well or just shackles?

Looks mean. Is that the stock 3FE powering it?
Sweet.. Now you can break some stuff if you haven't already.
This shot shows how the 37's are pretty centered in the wheelwell. Suprisingly the only rubbing I get is on the front mudflaps, and that is at full stuff. I'll either take them off or shave down the area that gets the contact. The springs are stock height Man-a-Fre replacements, but the shackles are longer than stock. I don't know how much longer than stock though. The spring perches on top of the axles are real beefy and they probably give me another 1/2" to 1" of lift. In a couple of months I will get some AAL from Man-a-Fre for the front since it is raked a little down in the front. I can't go much higher because the rear section of my roof has about 1/8" of clearance into my garage. There is a rubber gasket at the top of my garage opening and the roof of my truck compresses it as I drive in, but it barely makes it.

Yes, I have the stock 3FE and STOCK 4.11's. I am hoping that somebody out there will feel sorry for me and mail me some 4.88's. PM me if you got 4.88's taking up space in your garage.
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Yep, I have the stock auto as well. I have a huge tranny cooler sitting in the ARB bumper where the winch should be because I want to keep the fluid under control and the tranny working. For some reason my engine does decently with this combo. Flat on the freeway I can easily cruise at 75-85. Once I hit the hills the speed drops to 55-60. Keep in mind these are So Cal hills, nothing like driving through the Rockies in CO. To be honest I don't know how much total lift I am at. I could measure from the ground to my wheel wells and you could compare with your rig (taking into account tire size). The wheels are 15x10.
What kind of rack is that... ARB? Nice truck. Looks awsome.
They look look better but if you look at that stock front wheel well, if they get really stuffed in there are you going to get some rubbing? Seems like the wheel well can fit 37's in there pretty well. What I would have done is lower the rig to fit the 35's a little better IMO... Those big ass shackles and all that height probably aren't needed IMO... My $.02
The rack is a Garvin Wilderness with a 4" wall height. I had to take it off because there was no way it was going to fit in my garage. It stays off until I go out on a trip or camping, then I toss it back on.

As my suspension travels upward, the front tires move slightly back so I get no rubbing in the front. At full compression the front tires do rub the mudflaps. To be honest, I don't know if I am going to keep this setup. 35's are more practical for a daily driver, so I'll probably throw them back on eventually. Just wanted to see how much I would like the 37's.

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