Side view mirror "clicking"

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Feb 13, 2007
Fort Worth, TX
I've searched the mirror questions and cannot find this problem. My power side mirror moves up, down and in but not out. When I push the out button it only makes a clicking sound and jerks a bit. I suspect this is a bad worm gear? Can this be fixed or do I need a whole new mirror?
There is a screw recessed in the bottom of the mirror. Unscrew it - then push upwards on the mirror glass - it should come up and then out easily. You can then take a look inside and see what might be interfering with how the mirror is sitting or the mechanism that pushes it out. I would guess that is is improperly assembled or there is some sort of debris in there. There is no worm gear (at least in a traditional sense) per say and if you are getting the clicking - then I don't think there is any issues with the screw type gear that is in there.
Take it all apart. Including the 4 screws that hold the housing together for the 2 motors inside. The gear turns a thread shaft, and the bottom portion of the ball joint moves up and down on the the threaded shaft. When I dissambled mine the balls didn't pop out, instead the bottom slipped off threads. I had to tear into mine a little deeper to re-assemble.

Kinda of hard to explain until you see it. Hope this helps:
Thanxs for the help.

Thanks for the advice and especially the pictures. I'll look into this next weekend.
just push on the actual mirror and it will probably click in the direction you want. Works on mine.
Update - fixed!!

Thanks to all especially 'retrofive' for the pictures. I opened up the mechanism today and fixed it. The ball on the end of the screw shaft had popped out of the socket in the mirror back. I took everything apart (looks just like the picture above), regreased everything with white lithium grease and put it all back together. Now it works fine in all directions.

I expect that 'cognacjohnson' method may have worked, but only if the small pin on the ball had by chance been lined up with the grove to go back in. If this pin had not been lined up, then something would have broken for sure. Taking the whole thing apart was far too easy to risk the damage.

Thanks again for IH8MUD !!
Woohoo! Nice job Alex4640 :D

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