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Jun 10, 2003
San Jose, CA
A momentous occasion...

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First PA inspection... ever, since I bought in in June '01.
I suppose I've done a few things in the meantime... :meh:

- straight six 4.2L "2F" from 49k mi. 1978 Toyota Land Cruiser
- 6-1 headers
- custom 2.5" exhaust w/ 3-disc insert
- "Jim C." performance rebuilt carb
- electric fuel pump
- custom 20+ gallon under-bed stainless steel gas tank

- Muncie SM420 (early GM truck 4-speed w/ 7.1:1 granny gear)
- 3/4" xfer adapter to 3-speed transfer case w/ case saver

- Toyota LC front disc brake conversion
- GM Monte Carlo rear disc brake conversion
- adjustable proportioning valve

- GM tilt column
- Borgeson slip shaft and joints
- GM saginaw box, pump

- custom SOA Spring-Over-Axle conversion
- Aqualu high-steer
- custom heavy-duty drag link
- custom CV long-slip driveshafts, .188 wall: front & rear
- UHMW slinky strips between leaf springs to reduce friction
- custom traction bar with tow hook
- polyurethane bushings all around
- greasable frame pins and shackle bolts
- shackle reversal
- lengthen wheelbase, front & rear

- Bilstein 5125's: front 14" travel, rear 12" travel
- custom upper and lower mounts, front & rear

- '78's w/ cryo-treated "Longfield" birfield joints

- Super Swamper TSL Q78's (27/32depth, 35.5x10.8) on 15x8" AE589 aluminum rims

- custom front bumper 2x4x.25 steel w/ 1" thick D-ring recovery points
- gas tank skid plate

- york 210 compressor

- 120 Amp alternator: GM 17-SI
- all-new Centech custom wiring harness
- Weatherpak waterproof connectors
- custom 00 gauge welding wire in high current paths
- switch for vehicle lights to run as tow lights when flat-towed
- tachometer
- in-cab winch control
- in-cab compressor (OBA) control
- keyed front & rear fuel pickup selector switch
- starter button, can run in ACC mode too, to move w/out starting

- Corbeau Baja SS
- 4 point harnesses (with standard seat belt latches)

- custom 6-point, TBD: tied into frame

- Ramsey REP8000
- mounting plate setup for flat-tow bar

- Hi-Lift Jack: cast: 60"
- 8000 lbs. hand-winch
An old pic already...


Will be so good to get 'er painted one color, then it'll be more photogenic: will do, soon as it warms up a little more.

And the other "major" remaining items...
- get my CB installed.
- get my rear bumper/carrier built
- get my OBA tank(s?) installed & plumbed
- ARB's F&R, maybe 4.88s (want to drive more before deciding)

...but the list has finally become manageable and optional: a "hobby."

where is the other sticker?
I thought that penn hills was still in allegheny county therefore needs emissions sticker.
If its exept it still needs one right?
Anyway now you dont have to trailer it:bounce:
where is the other sticker?
I thought that penn hills was still in allegheny county therefore needs emissions sticker. If its exept it still needs one right?

Penn Hills hasn't moved: still in in Allegheny County. :flipoff2: (though i wish it could move!)

It is exempt, but I don't know if it needs an "exempt" sticker?? My inspection guy said "it's a 70 so you don't need emissions," but now that you mention it... I'd rather be sure so I don't get ball-busted.

Guess I'll check into it further.
The "IM" above the month number will usually tip a cop off if the vehicle needs an emission sticker.
If the sticker has nothing above the month nuber you would not need a sticker but that would meen that you moved to a different county.
I am exempt due to not putting enofe miles on a year but I still have to have a sticker.
Year of the vehicle does not matter only if its got a classic or antique plate on it.
It has the "IM." I talked to the guy and he said it was the wrong insert, but that it happens all the time so NBD. He said that pre-76 it's all good.

My only remaining concern is it being PC to pull me over & pick at other things on the vehicle... oh well... happy to have what i got.

Gratuitous shot from the meeting last night (but hey it shows the sticker, so it's relevant to the thread, right?!)...

BURGH, Nice job on your FJ, looks great. Did you fab up your own gas tank or have someone build it? Moose

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