Sherman Pass

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omnia mea mecum porto
Nov 8, 2004
Anybody knows if this can be done starting from HWY 395 at 9 mile canyon Rd. and over Sequoia NF ?
Or do am I better off staying to either the west or the east side of the pass?

There is a road there, but Im sure there might be some closed gates along the way?

Any info is much appreciated... !!
Last time I ran it is was one way only. That was a while ago
would that be west to east or vise-versa ?
What is a while ago... a few years or are we talking decades ?

Thank you, at least I know it is/was possible...
You can drive from 9 mile cyn all the way to kernville and the central valley. Hit the gear grinders website they have adopted it. They have links to USFS info. Check out Monanche Meadows too
Thank you !!!

I will look them up...
couple of threads here recently on Sherman Pass...

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