Shell Rotella T6 Full Synth in the Hundy gasser??

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Jan 9, 2009
Anybody running this oil in the 2UZ-FE? I run this oil in my diesel and am trying to simplify my life, so wondering if I can run it in my 03 LC. By the way, I searched for this oil on here and came up with nothing. :meh:
The T6 is API-SM rated IIRC (I run the T in my 1HZ), so it should be fine for a gas engine. Some engines like different oils than others, but as long as it has the right rating and viscosity you should be fine. One caveat, I know that some diesel-centric oils have detergents and additives for heavy duty/mixed fleet applications mixed in the oil which might not be kosher to a gas engine. But, if its properly rated for gas motors, its properly rated for gas motors. Its a heavy duty engine oil, not a diesel specific motor oil.

Start searching around the interwebs:meh:
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thnx phrogg, Im gonna roll with it. I run it 8k miles in my truck, but tow with it occassionally. Im going to combine it with the M1209 extended performance filter and go 10k with it in the LC.
I run this in most of my vehicles, diesel or not. It's cleared haudraulics lifters noise on a couple of engines. It's good stuff.
Yep, I did some research on the interwebs :D and, like phrogg said, its rated SM which means it is backwards compatible with everything prior to 2010. And you can buy it at walmart for just over $21 a gallon. (its around $27 at auto parts stores)
1 more question, this is the first time this cruiser with 125k miles has seen synthetic. Should I change it after 5k this first time?
The oil looks to only come in a 40weight viscosity. Very stout oil too.
Unless you are in some extreme heat, I don't see the benefit over a 30 weight oil.

Heavier 40 weight oils are going to lube slower and may not reach your bearings or other critical engine areas sufficiently like a 30 weight oil. Normally, I would bump up from a 30 weight to a 40 weight on a higher mileage engine, but these 2UZ engines still seem to have tight tolerances at 125K miles. (i.e. there is no oil burn off).

The 1FZ engines in the 80-series loved 40 and even 50 weight oils. However, those engines burn oil and seemed to have looser tolerances.

Just IMHO.

Give it a try and see how your truck runs.:cheers:

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