Shacking at startup

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Jul 4, 2006
I will post this as i never read about it, I was having that problem, Shacking (feels like it was running on 3) when i cold started my truck. But it would shack for 10-15 sec then all would be good. Once the truck was heated up it wouldn't do it again when starting. I was suspecting air un the fuel, but i was wrong.

It turns out it was the glow plug, one must have not been working and it wouldn't heat up the precombustion chamber and that is why it would run rough at the cold start. I changed the glow plug but i think my problem was corrosion on the steel rail connecting the 4 glow plugs.

So if you truck ever shack or run on 3 at cold start but not after it is hot. Check the rail, or the glow plugs!
That's fairly common. When changing the glow plugs it's best to buff up the rail where the glow plugs contact.

Wait till you have two good plugs and it's 27 below! Then you'll have shaking and clouds of smoke (after endless warmup cycles). Been there, done that.
terminology... the rail is otherwise known as the "busbar".

Funny how well they start with one or two out. But with lots of drama...
Well, that lasted starts...Damn napa, FYI 12V glow plug don't last very long on a 24V rig. NGK list glow plugs for 1983 3B landcruiser, but if your part guy don't read the note (for 12v system only) you will find out like me they don't last long.

Unfortunately for me, i had thrown the old one in the garbage, luckly the garbage crew only come on friday. So a 30 minutes search in the garbage was necessary to find the old ones.. :doh:
Take the old plug to a diesel shop and get the new ones from them. That way you should be assured of the right ones.

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