SEVA; Suspension Help Needed

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Oct 19, 2006
Virginia Beach
I recently had front SPC UCA's, whiteline steering rack bushings, toyota rear upper UCA's, and SPC rear LCA's installed and the truck pop's/bangs on sharp hard right or left turns (especially from a stop) in a way that it did not before the work. The shop that installed the parts does not specialize in LC/LX, rather moreso in track/race cars and used supplied instructions for the front UCA and rear LCA. I do trust my track car to them with my life...but perhaps I did not give them the right instructions on how to install the suspension components and we all missed something obvious that an experienced LC/LX installer may have done. The shop has double checked everything they put a wrench on and they report that everything is tight, but the pops/bangs still persist.

Is there anyone in SEVA (South East Virginia) that can have a look? Any shop recommendations that know their way around a LC/LX would be nice as well. Thanks!

Double check they installed the washers on the outside of the front UCAs. This will cause a clunk during accel or deccel if everything does not slip in the snugly no matter how much everything is tightened.

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