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Mar 12, 2003
the bearing in my water pump went out on my ride to my friends place. the pump still pumps it just makes some racket. i took the belt off and the sound it gone, so i know that is the source. anyhow i am 35 miles from home, is it safe to drive back. i'll watch the heat and all that. anyhow i just wanted some input b/c i have to be home for work tomorrow. i'll probably drive it anyway, but wanted to know what you guys think.
I think it's on its last legs, only you can answer how safe you feel driving it. FWIW, I drove a week once with a bearing screaming, but I was probably very lucky.
if it just started, I'd risk it. Make sure you have a cell phone handy and the # of someone you know can rescue you if it "hits the fan"

the tamp will rise quickly if it craps out, so watch it VERY VERY VERY VERY close....VERY
If it's not leaking go for it! I've driven 500 miles on a bad pump on a '78 Corolla. Fan was nearly falling off but the pump never leaked!
Soooo???? Did you make it? ;)
If its highway miles, one option would be to yank the fan assembly so that if it DOES go, the fan doesn't fly off. Just the pulley etc. But if its stop and go, you'll overheat.
i left for home at about 12:30 am. got 15 miles from town and the fan poped right out to the radiator. fuild everywhere. i left the car in a school bus lot and started walking. immediately a cop gets me, ask if i been drinkin. i say yeah, two or three. he gives me the sobriety test and runs a back ground check. later he drops me off at a gas station. nobody i call picks up so i walk to the highway and hitch a ride. 2nd trucker that comes by picks me up, takes me the rest of the way. he had a mail order bride he met on the internet. she's commin in from the philipines. i finaly got home and am writing this several hours later. what i a time, i honestly enjoyed every moment of it, and owe it all to my cruiser. the hard part is gettin it back inexpensively. i don't own a cell phone.
Dude, Thats a hell of a story :) :)

Mail order brides, cops, truckers.

Good luck with the replacement.
yer not wearing a ring on any fingers now are ya?!?

bummer on the return luck seems to go 50% on that stuff every time....
I had a water pump crap out on me last year. Luckily it was like 5 degrees outside. I was fine as long as I stayed on the highway, but as soon as I exited, that needle would quickly rise.
That's an interesting story. I think it was Yvonne Chouinard who said that his most memorable trips were the ones where something went horribly wrong. I'm just glad you didn't damage anything. The water pump in my 40 went out about 6 months
ago, and another guy and I changed it out in a parking lot. I'm not much of a mechanic, just a parts changer. But it's really not rocket science. I'd just bring a friend along with a tool kit, antifreeze, and a new water pump and gasket sealer. You've got to take off the radiator, some hoses and belts, but it's not as hard as it would seem. Let us know how you make out.
[quote author=paulj I'm just glad you didn't damage anything

According to his story, the fan came off and damaged the radiator...

Had this happen to me at BHCC in 2000. Something was making noise up front, not consistantly, just occasionally. Went out on a ride with Jim V, got five miles from Wispering Pines, and had the pump shaft break, sending the steel fan right through the newer 4 core radiator, destroying the core and bottom tank. Got a used W/P and rad. from Charlie Rupp, and was good to go in the AM.


got it all finished yesterday. car was never towed, a definite +. radiator sustained no damage. i didn't bother to look the night the pump broke, so i wasn't sure. the edges of the fan blades were eaten away a little, nothing major. and i managed to replace the pump without pulling the radiator. there is just enough room to do it, but the radiator cut my nuckles up real good. now the engine is a little more balanced, and i have a great story to go with it the malfunction. everything is ok

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