SEM Tintable Liner --> Alternative ?

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Nov 5, 2003
Just north of here
Is there a good alternative to the SEM Tintable bedliner?

What I want is undercoating for the fenders and tub of my FJ40. I really like what Buckroseau did on his FJ45lv and FJ45lpb. SEM isn't sold in my state, so it looks like I am going to have to find an alternative that I can buy locally.

I really don't want a "durabak" look. I want a look like the SEM sauce, and something that will last.

Any recommendations?

I saw that a couple places sell it online.

I don't think so. Doesn't UPS/Fedex only ship this stuff with their "Ground" shipping?

I know getting POR15 up to Alaska, a trucking company does it, and sells it.
It looks like TCP global will ship it, but it will be $35 Haz Mat fee in addition to a $25 shipping fee, so maybe this stuff can be shipped air.

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