Selling rusted 88 FJ-62 with 83 3B diesel & veg oil conversion

Apr 18, 2008
If you're in the Seattle area, I'd prefer to sell local, but could discuss options.

I bought this about 2 years ago for the purpose of putting on a homebrew veg oil conversion and am now moving cross country. Was considering keeping her as she still drives just fine, but found that the rear crossmember that attaches to the shocks has completely ripped off the frame and is now resting directly on the body. Repair would not be so easy as the rear frame is eaten with rust. I also put her into a sign post last year with significant front end damage and a buckled hood.

Here's the rest of the details:

- '83 3B with 180k miles, the previous owner claimed to have redone the heads. Still pulls well, but leaks some oil from the crankcase vent. About a quart every few months. Starts up a little rough, but I haven't changed the glowplugs lately. Runs smooth once warmed up for a few minutes. No blue smoke. I've burned about 100 gallons of veg oil through her. I haven't done a compression test and would be happy to if you know somewhere in Seattle.

- 13bt exhaust manifold (was planning a turbo)
- 4 speed manual tranny, not sure which one
- manual t-case
- good 4wd system
- homebrew vegoil system - 2nd tank, heated pickup, heated line-in-line, heated filter, fuel temp gauge, vacuum gauge, 2nd heated filter
- tank-style coolant heater
- clean rear bumper
- manual steering
- have power steering pump & arm for LHD not installed
- spare rim/tire

Not sure what to ask for all this. I've put in way more than I'm getting out, so if you guys have any advice on price, please let me know.

I'm asking $4000. If interested, let's talk. Must sell by June.
Apr 18, 2008



Feel free to request pics. May take a day or two to get them up.
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