Selling my 95 locked 80

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Hey all, I am selling my 80 in order to get something that can tow our big boat. It is a green locked with grey leather and third row. The front seats are pretty worn, and the rear washer squirter fell into the hatch. Other than that, everything works GREAT. I have about 11k in reciepts from the orig owner is Beverly hills. IT was one of those trucks that the lady took it in and said fix whatever is wrong. Both axles rebuilt, about 30K on new head and gasket, PHH, belts, T stat, etc. Has OME 2.5 all new about a year ago, including steering stabilizer and new 285 tires. GREAT sound system with two amps and sub, in Dash DVD player with screens in the headrests and wireless headphones, tinted windows. Give me a call if your interested. Truck is in Durango Colorado. 970-749-2842 It is the truck on my avatar, I have tons of pics if you want them.
how much
and can you send pics to me
any hx of accidents, dings, dents, rust
any foreseeable work needed
Sorry, forgot to add that, I want $7500. the only ding is from the taillight gaurd (damage mulitiplier!) touching the body work on the drivers side. The front grill guard has a tweek in it, and the side steps have been acting as sliders when they really arent, but you can only tell when you slide under it and see the bottoms of the tubes are smashed flat! No, nothing in the way of work to be done. The truck is as strong (has Flowmaster exhaust) as any, and has the best paper repair and maint. trail around.
yeah, sure could be, what ya got? It's got to have character!!!
Zoinks, would love that, but doubt I could make it work. I throw in a basset hound and we can go straight across!! lol! sorry for the delay, the whole fam got a wicked stomach bug.
Did you get the pics up?

I've got a 2001 Dodge. V10 Auto 112K miles


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