Selectro Hubs

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Jul 23, 2008
Malmö, Sweden
Does anyone know if selectro hubs are supposed to use that C clip on the birfield shaft?

On the other hubs I have I have to pull the birf out with a bolt and then put a c clip on. With the selectro's it seems like you just slide the hub over and don't use the c clip.

I ask because it seems like my birf on the drivers side (with a selectro) cam einto contact with the inside of the ball housing. The birf is a bit chewed up and steering was rather difficult.

Trying to confirm why this would happen prior to putting my new birf in.
no experience with the selectro hubs... but there was different lengths of birfs over the years.. maybe the selectro hubs were designed for the smaller stub shafts on earlier birfs??? as for the bolt and washer i have seen that it is used if hubs are to long for the birf.. there is different size locking hubs...

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