Secure storage in an FJC

Jun 1, 2018
Low Country
I have been looking at secure storage in my FJC and it seems tuffy products are crap so I kept looking....

So i found a review today and he actually shows it installed in his FJC, so I ordered one.

It will block the jack access panel but I have a hi-lift and do not plan on using a stock jack any longer. I will also have to route my DC power out of the jack storage area, but that is minor. It seems short enough not to interfere with my fire extinguisher, but it can be moved if necessary. I plan to remove the rear 2 tie down mounts and drill holes in the safe and bolt it down to the tie down locations.

I may still buy the tuffy center console storage, but I think this will allow for much more security and volume of storage.



Feb 8, 2008
Mt. Pleasant, SC
I looked at the tuffy JK box for the back of the excursion. Ended up getting the Smittybilt for around half of the price.
Nice box, maybe not quite as wide as the Hornaday, but more than twice as high.
Works really well for my needs.
Around $280.00, free shipping.
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