SOLD Seattle: 3 spd Tranfer Case w/Advance Adapters 700R4 Adapter

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Apr 20, 2020
Pacific NW
United States
Hey folks, selling the original transfer case w/AA adapter... I believe this is original to my ‘65 40 and I’m going a different route. If someone sees something about this case that indicates it’s not the early case, or an error, let me know.

The transmission and adapter were brand new, never used so there are zero miles on the adapter. The transfer case itself has been cleaned and inspected and appears to be in great shape. To be clear, it has NOT been rebuilt, just disassembled, cleaned, inspected for wear and reassembled.

I know the three speed transmissions are pretty much paperweights and this case isn’t super desirable either, so asking $900 OBO. Will also come with the parking brake drum and drive, plus vacuum shifter. It is missing the shifters and linkage as well as the p brake shoes and such. I have a lot of photos, if you need more, please feel free to ask!

I’d rather it go to use to someone here on Mud but, if no interest, it’ll probably end up on eBay or CL.

Prefer local pick up (I also frequent Boise and PDX) but could strap it to a small pallet if buyer wanted to pay actual shipping.





Forgot to mention, the bolts to mount the TCase to the adapter have been misplaced so I don’t have those. I do however have the sizes to procure locally, or AA has told me they will also sell just the bolts.






Bumping this back up, still available, how about $650 OBO? The adapter is still available at AA for about $775 +/- so this is a decent deal with a transfer case. That said, I'm pretty serious about the OBO part of this so if it's something you need, make an offer!

Fully assembled now, clean, smooth and everything works. A few things I've noted:

  1. The parking brake backing plate appeares to have had the cable grommet welded/brazed in at some point (unless this is factory?) It looks OK and appears to function just fine but the cable itself has been cut.
  2. The seal surface on the parking drum has the typical groove where the seal rides, will likely need a Speedi-Sleeve.
  3. The parking brake shoes look brand new but are missing the retaining hardware - I assembled the p brake assembly just everything so it's all contained.
  4. Missing the nose cone boot on the vacuum shifter.

If you need it shipped, I'd be willing to strap it to a pallet and drop it off somewhere, but you'd have to pay for the ride.

T Case Above.jpg
T Case Pax Side.jpg
T Case Rear.jpg
T Case Tilt.jpg
Backing Plate Rear Close Up.jpg

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