SCLCC: April 2006 Club Meeting

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Jun 10, 2003
San Jose, CA
Steel City Land Cruiser Club April 2006 Club Meeting will be held...

Wednesday, April 12th, 7:00pm @ Parkway Tavern.

Post here if you have anything club-specific you'd like to discuss there.
How was the meeting? Unfortunately, I work until 6+pm in Washington and have Aikido classes M/W/F. Has any thought been given to weekend meetings ar events?
The meeting had a low turnout--many people were busy... therefore I will suggest we open for discussion the issue of time & location for discussion in the May meeting thread.

Would Tuesday or Thursday work for you? Perhaps a little later?

Weekend meetings were forgone for weekday meetings because weekends are busier for many of us (& meetings would break up the day).

Also, it was also considered that having a consistent rule (2nd Wed. of the month) would be beneficial for members w/ busy schedules.

These things were decided by the 5 or 6 members present at the time... but nothing is written in stone.

Please respond in the May thread.

Thanks. -Ed '70FJ40

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