Scion/Pioneer 1808 Head Unit (stereo)

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Apr 4, 2006
Phoenix, AZ
I've search and found some unanswered older (closed) threads about using Scion head units in the 100 Series. In the Jan/Feb 2012 issue of 4WD Owners magazine they did a write-up of replacing the original unit of a Series 80 with the Scion 1808 head unit which was plug-and-play and includes the iPod connection and is satellite radio ready (Sirius/XM I suppose?).

Has anyone tried installing the Scion 1808 (or 1805 w/o the iPod connector) in a 1999 Series 100?

I don't want integrated backup camera or navigation, and I haven't owned a cassette tape in over a decade now :)

eBay has these Scion units for just under or over $100 so definitely reasonable $$$.

Thanks in advance!
Subscribed. I would love to know if anyone has tried this, as well.

If not, you could always pull your stereo out, and compare the interfaces on the back to the Scion.
IT'S NOT PLUG-IN-PLAY in the 100. Different connectors. That being said you can adapt anything to anything but my question is why? There are a lot of great aftermarket head units that can easily be wired to a 100 that have more features and better sound.

Take a look at my article here Stereo Wiring: Land Cruiser / LX 470 (1998-02) - TLC FAQ this might help you.
Interesting. I suppose someone could be a guinea pig and buy one to compare....clearly there is a market for them so you could always throw it back up on e-bay if it doesn't work. For around $100, it's not a brutal investment.
Yes, there are some great aftermarket head units out there, but at $100 for a potential drop in replacement, this would be a much cheaper / temporary option for those that don't want to take on the full investment right away.

As another new owner (intro thread coming one of these days), I would rather throw my cash at safety and maintenance items until my rig is a bit farther along.
I get the cheap part but the scion isn't pnp. My point about aftermarket... Pioneer single DIN with ipod in under 100 at amazon with warranty and built in amp. Touchscreen multimedia double din under 300. Many more choices.

Btw I have a buddy with an xb and the radio in question. It sounds like a@s. we swapped in an AVH2400 and the sound quality was a quantum leap. He got it at amazon for 255. Super easy install.

The same unit in a single din is about 125 I think.
RobRed, thanks for the link to your website - I have been there before and you have done a great job with your write-ups!

At this point I'm "ok" with the stock head unit in the LC, but reading that article peaked my interest in that it could be pretty simple to just remove and replace. I personally like the Scion unit, it's simple and uncluttered. If it were to have been plug-and-play that would fit exactly what I'm looking for installation-wise, feature-wise and price.

eBay and Amazon have a ton of great units, yes. Whether or not I would want to tackle retro-fitting something not plug-and-play ...I don't know.

But you answered the question which is no, it is not P-N-P.

Ultimately I would love to have an integrated backup camera, so perhaps I will just hold-off until funds become available to get a double din and the camera all done at once.

Something for me to ponder, I guess.


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