Schattenjager's '12 GX460

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Oct 25, 2009
After much debate in the sacred halls of the Ih8mud forums between 4Runners, LX200s and GX's, I finally found a rig that had been well taken care of and was less than 500 miles away. The pickings were slim but patience paid off.

2012 GX460 Premium with all four switches by the shifter
69K miles
Brand New Michelin LTX M&S2 Sadly - they pretty much suck in snow and slush and will be gone soon
All tools, everything works, and the secondary air pump $300 preventative fix is on order.

Thank you to all who made material contributions to my quest and gave me a lot of food for thought. I am going to be much happier with this than a brand new 4Runner, despite how cool they are. A 3/4 sized Land Cruiser is just what the situation called for and I hope it gives me many years of fun and comfy service.

Found a set of 4Runner wheels and mounted some Cooper ATW's - far better for my purposes than the Michelin LTX that came on it.

I think you made a great choice. I see the GX as much nicer and more practical than LC200 series. Post up some pics, we all love pics!
Yeah fix pics, sounds sweet! Is the secondary air pump the same issue on 460s like 470s or am I confused? Removal of the intake manifold required?

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