scanner recommendation if any

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May 31, 2003
Berks County PA
Just got my first check engine light, did a visual inspection as well as all fluids look OK ad truck runs great, no change in gas mileage. Vehicle drivetrain is stock with 110K. Here is my question. My knowledge is limited. I have done a full suspeniosn swap, replaced the starter, full tune-up but have never touched the electronics and emmissions. Should I take it to my trusted mechanic or is it worth buying a scanner and if so which one? I plan on keeping this rig and continuing to learn how to do work on it. Is a scanner worth buying at this time? My concern is if I buy the scanner and it turns into a wild goose chase. Right now time is not what I have (work, 3 children including 2 under the age of two). Opinions are appreciated. How often does the check engine light turn into a NIGHTMARE?

Thanks, M. Reed
For now take it to autozone, get the code pulled for free and post back here to see what it is. I'm willing to bet it's P0401 (EGR malfunction = it can wait)

If you want your own reader I recommend the ScanGaugeII that a bunch of us have. It also provides realtime digital readout of different parameters as you drive.
The scan gauge is nice, it provides data as well as codes,

If you want something cheaper that just pulls and erases codes take a look at Actron CP9125

more expensive than both is laptop software.

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