SC class A Landcruiser

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Mar 1, 2012
I need help with a build decision.

Today i went to the Flates in Marion NC to watch a ECORS race, watching the guys in the AA class got my wheels turning. "I want to do this" thats what i keep saying to myself as i watched those jeep Cherokee classics and the rodeos and broncos fight it out for 3 hours. Talk about white knuckle racing, these guys were going for the gold.
So i got an idea. :hmm:


I have this, a new supercharger for a 80 series. I bought it and never found the right truck to put it in so i got the jeep.


its soooooo slow :doh:
My brother has my hand me down lx450 and with just an old emu suspension it will leave my ass. Back when i was driving the lx450 i wheeled with a lot of the classic cherokees and i would always leave them. So heres what im getting at, i want a LC that has damage in the rear, i want to bob it and gut it and throw in the supercharger.


A truck that might be a solid winner for some off road racing.

I have a fj40 that needs to go be for i buy the 80 series. Would love to trade.

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Hey man. I was at that race too!

You may want to look at the ECORS rules, but I think that a super charger will put you in C class.

I ran the track before the race in my fj60 to make sure it was ready for the racers. It flogged my rig for one lap and it got me wanting to race too. If I would have had some 35" tires to slap on there I might have raced in A class. Maybe next year...

Some friend of mine won the AA class in the 0110 Cherokee.
I've always thought a stripped down 80 or 100 series with a factory V8 would kick ass in stock class

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