Saw Nick and Ben yesterday!

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Aug 11, 2002
Elkhart, Indiana
Nick (and his brother Ben) came up to Elkhart yesterday to get my Bridgeport CNC mill. They left behind the 76 buggy thing, that I've renamed Bugly (short for Butt Ugly). So, for once, I'll be able to come to an event and not just ride passenger with someone (Gumby).
I'll even admit I saw Luke too. :hillbilly:

Pulled into the driveway with the mill around 1:30am Sunday morning. Just finished unloading it from the trailer into Ben's house and returned about 2am. Would have unloaded earlier but I had a coworker over with his tractor to move some dirt while I worked on his trailer. Which turned into working on his now broken tractor (broke the pitman arm). Still need to work on his trailer...

Anyway, I'm a little sad to see the buggy go but looking forward to what gets built next with the mill and my parts pile. Maybe Luke will let me ride in his truck once in a while too. :grinpimp:


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