Saw a base 200-series LC in Miami Yesterday!!

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May 11, 2010
Central NJ
I frequent these forums but have never posted - until I saw something yesterday (on vacation in Miami, FL) that I couldn't keep to myself!

I'm not too familiar with where we were (following the GPS directions), but at a random intersection I see a 200-series base-model LC! No window tint, steel wheels, no running boards, no chrome or plastic cladding anywhere, just like you see them from the middle-east in their bare form. I wasn't able to check out the license plate (only saw it from the front), but I did notice that it had the tiny rectangular LED light bars installed in the grille, as in unmarked police cars, so i'm assuming it was for some sort of diplomatic use.

Am I making too big a deal or are these somehow available in the US market?

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